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Cornerstone Home Inspection Services

Cornerstone Home Inspection Services | Beaverton Oregon Home Inpsector

Cornerstone is here to help you with a professional home inspection. Kirk Hansen is your home inspector. He's located in Beaverton Oregon and proudly serves the whole Portland Metro area. If you have any questions you can call Kirk at 503-356-8070.

Normal Service Area‎: Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Columbia & Yamhill Counties we have also served in other counties.

Our Mission

Cornerstone Home Inspection Services was formed in 1998 with a mission to provide more than a basic home inspection. The State of Oregon and National standards setters such as NACHI have set forth minimum standards, and we thought that these should be the starting point. Like the name Cornerstone implies, is getting started straight. If in construction the cornerstone is not set straight everything else will be wrong. Since a home purchase is always a sizable investment, you deserve to know what you are getting. If you are capable of doing repairs I will help you understand what most repairs will entail. Most of all I’m here to give you an introduction to your new home purchase.
Every home deserves a Cornerstone Home Inspection


Professional Home Inspections

This article is part of The Oregon Property Buyer Advisory.

OBTAINING A PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTION IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING A BUYER CAN DO FOR THEIR PROTECTION. A professional home inspection report will provide the buyer with detailed information about the home’s physical condition, its systems and fixtures and usually note any potential future problems. The buyer should carefully review an inspector’s proposal to determine the scope of the inspection. Some home inspectors may not inspect heating and cooling systems, the roof or other systems or components. A home inspection should be done by a home inspector or contractor licensed by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) Check Certifications. To inspect two or more components (i.e., roof, siding, structural), the home inspector must be certified and either be a licensed construction contractor or work for a licensed construction company. Also, a home inspector is not allowed to perform the repairs within a twelve-month period following the inspection. Buyers can review state home inspector requirements and standards of practice for inspectors on-line at: http://ccbed.ccb.state.or.us/ Additional information about inspections and inspectors is available from the Oregon Association of Home Inspectors at: www.oahi.org Inspection of property is beyond the scope of expertise of a real estate licensee, but real estate licensees can provide buyers with a list of local inspectors. Before hiring an inspector, the buyer should check with the CCB to determine the inspector’s current license status and whether there are any past or pending claims against the inspector (Check Certifications). Buyers should not rely upon reports done for others (previous buyers and/or sellers), because the report may not be accurate and buyers may have no recourse against an inspector they have not retained. Most residential sale contracts contain a clause that allows the buyer to withdraw from the agreement if a professional inspection they have done shows defects in the property. You will want to take advantage of this important right by obtaining your own professional home inspection report from a licensed professional inspector within the time frame specified in the sale contract. Unless otherwise provided for in the Sale Agreement, the cost of the inspection will not be refunded should you withdraw from the Agreement.

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